performance poet . educator . curator .community facilitator. singer/songwriter. mama

“ Let love be the mirror,
you see your own beauty
shining through.”

~Sahida Apsara


I am a multi-disciplinary artist with a degree in Creative Arts and Performance Studies. My works have been featured on The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC channel, United Nations Conference, Bali International Reader’s and Writers Festival, Bowery Poetry Club and many others.

A recipient of both the Excellence Award for Service Delivery for Multicultural Victoria by the Government House and the UNESCO City of Literature grant, I work with organizations and schools to create and facilitate Bollywood dance, poetry-making, public-speaking, leadership and cultural awareness programs.

I deliver holistic and child-centered music therapy based sessions to support young children in developing their social, collaborative, listening, artistic and linguistic skills.

I curate heart-centered events that forces the audience to connect with under-explored narratives of marginalized voices and to help people connect authentically across lines of difference – through inclusivity, peer education, inspiration and celebration.

I am passionate about telling stories of transmuting pain into power and crafting poems and lyrics that will emblazon the heart with hope and positivity.

I offer individualized instruction for those hearts yearning to share their creative spark with the world.

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Sahida was one of the highlights of the festival; her performances bridge cultural barriers and are empowering and passionate creations. Her performing skills are exceptional and her unique approach touches the hearts and minds of the spectators.
– Kirsty Furniss
Curator, The Hub Singapore

During the time in which I have dealt with Sahida, I have been struck by her passion for supporting positive social change through unique, challenging and creative ways. I have personally witnessed her sound knowledge and skills at events management including project planning, budget management and publicity around the event.
– Jenna Davey-Burns
Community strengthening officer
Department of premier and Cabinet, Victoria

Each time we have the privilege of Sahida performing or teaching for us, she leaves the room speechless and spellbound, opening the way for deeper and meaningful conversations. Her poetry is not only what inspires, but also her vivacious and loving personality. I keep asking Sahida back because her talent is outshined only by the passion she has for her work. I believe in her ability to bridge cultural divides and open up the space for safe and encouraging dialogue.
– April Robinson
Interfaith Network Developer
Commission for Mission
Uniting Church In Australia

As a young woman from CALD background, Sahida is a great role model and leader in the community. Maribyrnong City Council has invited Sahida for spoken word performance at Refugee Week and International Women’s Day Event and the community were spellbound by her performances around the themes of inclusion, anti-racism and equality for all people. Sahida is a natural storyteller and is and able to use this skill to give voice to community issues through her artistic ability. She is also a great facilitator, working with newly arrived and refugee young people in a respectful and engaging way to illicit their stories through art.
– Sandra di Giantomasso
Team Leader youth Engagement and Planning
Maribyrnong City Council

Sahida’s spoken word poetry performance is moving, entertaining and enlightening. Her words are profound and resonate deeply. The audience are captivated by her delightful and engaging style…. you could hear a pin drop. A passionate and empowering performer – a rising star!
-Gabi Orosz
Bridging Women’s Worlds Project Coordinator
Ecumenical Migration Centre
Brotherhood of St Laurence

Drawing on Sahida’s diverse skills in storytelling, song and movement a safe space was created for this community to build their confidence, improve literacy and greatly contribute to their sense of belonging. Sahida is a highly skilled artist with a deep understanding of the complexities of social exclusion and its health impacts both personally and collectively. As a woman who is culturally diverse herself and with a tonne of experience in community organising Sahida actively demonstrates a sense of openness and willingness to have challenging and meaningful conversations. Sahida’s rich and diverse arts practice driven by her strong sense of social justice and then coupled with her highly developed communication skills makes her a powerful force.
-Mary Q
Community Cultural Development Officer

At the Local Leaders Orientation session we had the ever so inspiring Eeda facilitating. She did an awesome job in getting young people to think creatively outside the box when asking questions to their chosen leaders,she got the young people to think of catchy titles of short documentaries and different ways to tell a story via still images with voice over narration or even using your own language with English subtitles as an option. All the young people left with so many great ideas that they will implement in their videos.
– Amona Hassab Ethnic
Youth Council Project Officer
Sprectrum Migrant Resource Centre
Fantastic to visit Hume Valley School, and witness the ‘Rise Up’ program, in action. It was wonderful to see the kids getting involved and responding positively to the program. An innovative way to connect with their education.
– Senior Electorate Officer
Office of Mr Craig Ondarchie MP

The Inspired Table was absolutely honoured to have Sahida perform at our inaugural event – a Mother’s Day Birthing Kit Workshop at which we created 400 safe birthing kits to send to underprivileged communities. Sahida’s performance at the event was inspiring and moving addressing inequality, women’s strength, cultural beauty and domestic violence. Her words stirred within an audience a sense of purpose an passion and her words lingered amongst the conversations and hearts of the guests well after the event. Thank you Sahida’s for your beautiful gift of poetry.
-Nikita Singh
The Inspired Table

Sahida is the Mix, here where poetry fills the world’s ear.
-Bob Holman
Bower Poetry Club, NYC

Sahida is a courageous writer and a powerful, nuanced performer. She is not afraid to take on big topics: class, race, gender and the interplays between. She does so in a sublimely accessible way. Audiences feel waves of recognition and relief at hearing personal truths rendered, forgivenesses uttered, boundaries set. Human relationships are always at the centre, including that between performer and audience. Sahida’s spoken word is not so much an act as a soft revolution.