I write on a range of topics such as romantic love, gender equality, domestic violence, forgiveness, race-based discrimination, refugee rights and decolonizing mindsets.

A spoken word piece about grief, love, pain, life, and death. This poem is dedicated to the memory of Sam McNulty aka ChapOne. Vocal accompaniment by Chris McNulty. Shot and edited by Arterium Angled.


I curate ‘We Run With Wolves’ (WRWW) night championing diverse female voices, particularly from women of colour and other marginalized voices in our community. Poets come together to create a warm, open and inclusive space for all to be inspired by these shared narratives. The space we emerge from is also queer and trans positive.

WRWW nights has been packing out The Toff in Town consistently, with audiences hungry for unapologetic brave voices from multi-dimensional perspectives, featuring some of Australia’s most dynamic performance poets including Arielle Cottingham, Fleassy Malay, Michelle Dabrowksi, Noelani Chotes, Tariro Mavondo, Emilie Zoe Baker, Amal Ibrahim, Sukhjit Singh, Janam Kaur(Candice Monique), Soreti Kadir and many others.


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it stopped feeling right I know you heard it my bones and locking hips in silt and clay I know you did but you took it anyway… My body is not your dumping ground not [...]


he walked into that departure hall like he was on a red carpet… a bush trail… an exotic shoreline in the Madagascar … he seemed lost in his own world seemed so out of this [...]


you became a total stranger when I was a teenager somewhere between burgeoning chest, hairy legs awkward curiosity about the boys and the bees you were someone who always seemed to be able to stand [...]

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I’ve performed on stages both locally and abroad. Some of these include:

  • Twice featured at Bowery Poetry Club, NYC
  • Silver Room, Chicago
  • Somar Bar, Oakland
  • Bali International Readers and Writers Festival
  • Soul Food Tour with Luka Lesson, Omar Musa and Emilie Zoey Baker
  • Viva Victoria Festival, Federation Square
  • New Year’s Eve Celebration, Federation Square
  • Centre for Poetics and Justice, The Arts Centre
  • Featured at Mother Tongue, Melbourne, Australia
  • Featured at Voices in the Attic, Melbourne, Australia
  • 25th Asia Pacific Annual International Baccalaureate Conference, Melbourne Exhibition
  • Molly Hadfield Social Justice Oration, Preston Council
  • Australian Embassy, Bali
  • Youth Against Racism Forum, Centre for Multicultural Youth
  • ‘We Welcome Refugees’ event, Maribyrnong Town Hall
  • Dandenong Correctional Facilities
  • Contemporary Pacific Arts festival
  • International Women’s Day, Darebin City Council
  • Evening with Julian Burnside, Space2B
  • Sustainable Living Expo at Federation Square

For bookings of performance poetry or poetry workshops, please contact me.