Performance and kid's workshop at Coburg Carnivale.


  • Women’s wellness
  • Leadership programs
  • Presentation skills
  • Poetry-making
  • Youth arts and empowerment
  • Mentorship programs

With a holistic approach to content and development, I work closely with organisations to create and facilitate a diverse range of workshops to meet specific desired outcomes.These include expressive arts and well being programs that utilizes spoken word, dance, songwriting and embodiment practices. This supports young people and develop connections between peers, build confidence, support cultural understanding, and develop leadership, presentation and communication skills. The workshops also provide a safe space for participants to engage in conversations about issues such as identity, social justice, cultural diversity, positive self-image, and belonging.


  • ‘Connection Through Arts’ program: a community engagement program for newly-arrived migrants from Burma, utilising storytelling, music and movement, group discussion, traditional songs and peer support through CoHealth.
  • Central Youth Link Up Service (CAYLUS): facilitated a youth movement and arts program to address substance abuse in remote indigenous communities.
  • ‘Express Yourself’ program: a singing and songwriting program for newly-arrived youths from refugee and migrant backgrounds through Maribyrnong Youth Services.
  • A leadership program to promote creativity, linguistic skills, confidence-building, and leadership skills amongst newly-arrived migrant youths through Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre.
  • Women’s Wellness Mother’s Group: a fun interactive dance fitness program for mothers and their children from culturally and linguistically diverse groups through Berry Street.
  • Poetry workshop for chaplains of the Uniting Church.
  • ‘Inspirational Women in Your Life’: a poetry workshop involving teenage boys from refugee and migrant backgrounds, culminating in original writing being presented at International Women’s Day event.
  • Facilitation of mentorship program at the Immigration Museum.
  • ‘Communicating with Confidence’ workshops for newly-arrived youths at Melbourne Polytechnic.
  • Dance and movement program for the All Girls’ Festival at Collingwood Language School.

I tailor these workshops to meet the needs of schools, organisations and community groups. To work with me, please contact me here >>