he walked into that departure hall
like he was on a red carpet…
a bush trail…
an exotic shoreline in the Madagascar …

he seemed lost in his own world
seemed so out of this world

who is this man?!

he’s got high grade steel springs
under his feet
a Signature Swag
an inner beat
every step a magnum opus of motion
feet, hips, spine, arms, shoulders
a perfect ensemble of confidence and masculinity

I catch myself staring at him
I catch myself catching my breath…

he’s like a comet trailblazing
through Jetstar Gate 28
singing rhythms and rhymes
under his breath
shiny in the horizon
like a bright coloured canoe
bobbing amidst the sea of tired faces

I catch myself catching my breath
I catch myself staring at him

who is this man?

and how did he manage
to make this room disappear
like hocus pocus
till only he was left in focus
I’ve had a great life
I thought I’ve maxed up
all my epic life moments
and I was never again
expecting for fireworks

but watching him,
I’m teleported t
billions of years ago
when we were…

clouds of gases and minerals and stardust
perambulating time and space
praying for night and days
when we can come crashing
into each other’s orbits again

they say…
the similarities between
all comets
is that they have a solid core

and just like me
his back frames his spine so lyrically
could he be the troubadour
I’ve been calling for?

I see his folklore
I see ancient trees
I see his spirit guides
I see a rebel
I see a saint
I see a bad boy
(not like a real bad boy
but a good boy that’s just sexy like a bad boy)

I see his light and shadow
playing chess like
childhood friends
not trying to beat the other
and claim victory…
but just enjoying
the game
the strategies
just like life and its many dualities

I’m sensing all these things about him…

creating projections in my mind
is what I’ve gotten good at
a knack for…
trying to fit Circles into Squares
I’ve even had Squares
willingly force themselves into Circles
just to be with me

so I’m trying to not get too attached
to these clouds of thoughts
behind my eyes
drifting through my mind
like a blimp moving through blue skies

then the announcement came
for passengers to board the plane

I get in line…
and from across the room
his eyes catches mine
and he gets in line right behind me

I feel his eyes trailing my bare back
Like a hemline

I’m like ‘Shit’
‘Just be cool’
‘Maybe he ain’t all that’
‘Why must he stand right behind me? Geez…’
‘Bit obvious’
‘Hope he doesn’t start
with a cheesy pick up line…’

(fast forward)

I turn my head
to his side of the bed
this man that I now know
so well
his eyelids
like earth folding over galaxies
and the world grows quiet
in our tandem breath

his chest is the warm bed
with organic
bamboo cotton quilt
covered comfort
for my head and heart

I’ve known nights of cold shoulders
dead weight of awkward limbs
like twisted metal
after a crash of a joyride
I wished I never got on

but every night,
THIS MAN pulls me in, CLOSE
like a reluctant soldier
holding his wife on their bed
the night before leaving for battle

I was sure that love did not live in my city

I was ready to leave

But I never stopped believing
that someone like him existed for
someone like me

But not all soulmates get to meet
And even couples
in arranged marriages
learn to fall in love
when they learn to speak
the language of bittersweet

so we get good at dressing
our ‘close-enoughs’
as Kings and Queens
hold them in high-esteem
focus on their good qualities
and the simple little things


cuddles on the couch
watching a movie
getting groceries
feeling good about
not feeling lonely
at least there’s someone
to share dreams
of one day starting a family


if I hadn’t got on that plane
I would’ve licked
a dribble of nectar
thinking it to be a honeypot

I probably would have settled

like a monk with his prayer beads
would’ve counted my blessings
would’ve fixated on the counting
like my life depended on it
and I would have been happy…enough

my mom was always standing in my
dad’s shadows
he liked his women small

but when he wasn’t looking,
she would grow tall
and dab the sun
to paint me with light

so I sold my sunbeam smiles
to buy the freedom
she never had

she was dedicated to a man
who had never ever made
his own cup of coffee

so for me…
settling with good man
who was Good Enough
was at least
many steps up from nuptial slavery

I probably would have settled

if I hadn’t got on that plane,
I wouldn’t have known that…

LOVE sees me
like an octave or a perfect 5th
a perfect resonant frequency
to strike a chord with
wouldn’t’ have known
that LOVE lives
in a cabin in the woods
feels happiest in onesie,
with a cup of herbal tea
serenades kookaburras at dusk
embraces my hormones
like a long lost friend
invites my emotions in
and says it welcomed
to stay for as long as it needs to

if I hadn’t gotten on that plane
I would’ve counted my blessings

I would’ve fixated on the counting
And I would have been happy…

But I never stopped believing
that someone like him
existed for someone like me

and maybe…
that made all the difference