it stopped feeling right

I know you heard it my bones

and locking hips

in silt and clay

I know you did

but you took it anyway…

My body is not your dumping ground

not your place of release

not your trophy or your jumping off point

for a new slate

not a landing strip for

pornographic reenactments

of white come on brown belly fetish

my body is not for your distraction,

or for your brown sugar for cravings

my body is a sacred site – YES – but

NOT for the tourist bucket list

TICK ‘Yeah, been there’

It is not the free soup sample section

at the supermarket

my body is too vast for shallow slurps

it’s the herb garden

that grew cardamom, turmeric, ginger

that heals

like homeopathic drops and tincture

my body is not your gymnasium

not weights to test or bulk your power with

my solar plexus is not the punching bag

for your unresolved emotions

and next time you come

for temporary cuddles

to kill time until the next one

know that my body is not your mama’s

not a well for you to milk dry

all you missed out on in childhood

but come with reverence

with all of your essence and presence

and my body will give more than

you’ve ever known

my body is not your science lab

no I don’t give u permission

to lay your curious on me

with all of your industries

to test your fantasies

strategies for some contest

it’s not your satellite tower

to broadcast your stolen conquest

my body is mine

it’s mine to objectify

like celestial objects

asteroids and stars

shining on stale carpets

and fresh scars

my body is mine

it’s mine

it’s mine

it’s my contradiction

my secret to tell or not to tell

my right to cover up or to rebel

my made-up word to italice

or to misspell

what you told me was my hell

was in fact, my well

of everlasting power

so cast your pious eyes

your greedy hooks

your dirty looks

away from my body

there is nothing wrong in

walking proud and strong

flawed and vulnerable

there is wrong in

making you pay attention to

the swaying hips of my

gullies and my oceans

I have always been here

just doing my thing

there is nothing wrong with my body


my body is

crowing heads

through birth canals

humble creeks

and waterfalls

broken skin and hummingbird calls

it’s an open palm

always facing the Source

drawing in more love

to give even through it all

my body mends and heals

braces and builds

from billions of light years ago

a breathtaking tapestry of interference patterns

stitched with stardust

and synovial fluids for God’s movements

My body IS God’s library

of information

Read. The. Signs.

It’s all there

In My Body